Tips before your next trip!

Are you planning a wonderful upcoming trip? There are some things you need to know to make the most of this preliminary essential part to avoid bad surprises and enjoy your stay! Here comes our best tips about all the things you need to know and take care of before traveling! Let’s get started!


If you already know where to go: check that your holidays do not correspond to the period of the monsoons, of the great rains, to the warm and humid climate, in the chosen destination. Torrential rain, hot heat and mosquitoes would ruin the journey, so choose the right time to travel.

If you do not know where to go, but you know when to leave: look for the ideal destination, depending on the weather, for the period you have available to travel.


Do I need a visa? The passport when it expires? Here are the first questions to ask yourself once you have chosen your destination. If you need to go outside the European Union your passport is necessary. Also consider that some countries want your passport to have at least 6 months validity after your arrival, so look carefully at the expiry date of your passport and go straight to the police station if you need to renew it. 

Regarding the visa there are countries that issue it on arrival at the airport, or at the border, for the duration of X days and other countries for which it is necessary to ask before, at the embassy or consulate of reference in your country. Alternatively you can rely on travel agencies in your city that also take care of visas and will take care of the shipment. Check if mandatory vaccinations are required and if there are any recommendations for the areas you are visiting.


Regardless of the type of trip, even the most disorganized and deliberately left to chance, it is good to book at least the first night. Here the possibilities are varied and the sites where to find accommodation are many. But even before you dedicate yourself to the choice of accommodation you have to take some time and study the city map, understand which district you would like to stay in.

We usually do this: on the tourist guide we read the chapter about my first stop and we sign all the places we would like to go (tourist information center, museums, restaurants, historic buildings, sites of interest ...) and we sign them on the map, so we will already have a general overview of where my movements will be and consequently where it would be more comfortable to stay, without having to go crazy to move in the city.

Before choosing accommodation you should also inquire about means of transport, metro and bus in the big cities, or local buses, shared taxis and tuctuc in more distant destinations. Once you have done an analysis on the neighborhoods, places to see and means of transport ... go-ahead to the choice of accommodation. Before booking any more currency solutions and check the reviews of the guests on dedicated sites, such as Tripadvisor, but often you will find reviews already on the same site where you book.  


Having an itinerary made up of all the places you are going to visit is a must to calculate distances, optimize your time and knowing exactly what’s worth the visit. You can buy a guide or you can rely on the web but it is important to customize the plan adding what you really would be interested to see.

While you read travel tips or travel guides start writing down a sort travel diary, where you can note the places you absolutely want to see, useful information on travel, phrases and words in local language, websites to be consulted. If you like or reassure you to plan your trip day by day, you can also create your own calendar: if it is a trip of a few days it is useful to do so, checking the opening dates of museums and attractions. 

Remember, however, that each itinerary should be flexible: meetings and unforeseen events are part of the journey itself and it is good to be carried away by events, so be open to the possibility of changing course. This is what would make you a traveler and not a simple tourist!

Stay safe and remember to have fun while you are traveling! We would love to see where you go so tag us on Instagram with #takemoreadventures or tag us in your photos @takemoreadventures!

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