Visiting Bali On A Budget


Thinking of where to go for the upcoming holidays? Think Indonesia, think Bali. This island has the largest Hindu population. It takes a lot of people to make your vacation memorable, luckily Bali has five million of them. On this Island you will experience the finest of the Asian culture while sipping the best drinks and seeing the most amazing views. In case you think you do not have the financial capacity to go all in for this holiday, visiting Bali is good for your wallet. The exchange rates are insane. One United States dollar equals 15,152 Indonesian Rupiah, so imagine if you are with a hundred dollars, that’s a million and a half Rupiah. This is one reason why people love having vacations here, aside from the beautiful sceneries present, no matter how little your budget is you can still have a great time here and we’ll show you how.

Settle in

Once you arrive Bali you will want to check into a hotel but being under a budget you can still find very decent hotels around. The Amnaya Resort Kuta is a four-star hotel that is pretty economical and offers really good services. Also, the Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa has amazing reviews and is equally a four-star hotel. DevinSky Hotel Seminyak has the best views and Grand Inna Kuta has the best pools. These are all amazing hotels that are very economical with great hotel services present. Feel free to lodge in any of these hotels.

Amnaya Resort Kuta

Photo from Amnaya Resort Kuta

Eat well

Good food is very essential and nourishing and being of Asian descent, Bali is home to the best kinds of seasoned rice and pastries. Have a taste of the Mie Goreng, this is basically fried noodles, but it tastes like a party in your mouth. It is perfectly healthy and is served with shrimps, pork, peanut sauce, chicken sticks or fried eggs depending on your preference. Also have a bite of the Pisang Goreng, this is an awesome dessert. It is fried bananas served with honey, ice cream (yum!), flaked coconuts or palm sugar syrup. The food in Bali will make you want to stay forever, luckily it is cheap too.


Bali is home to the most Zen locations and beaches. It costs absolutely nothing to meditate a little, you know doing a little bit of Yoga only relaxes your mind and makes you more peaceful. Head to the Uluwatu Temple or better still the Seminyak beaches and just let the cool ocean breeze take over. Doing this everyday will bring out the best side of you, have a go at it.

Seminyak Beach

Photo by - Bali

Explore sites

Once you arrive in Bali, you cannot just stay cooked up in your hotel room. There is a whole other world out there and you need to explore every inch of it. Visit the Pura Taman Ayun temple, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Temple and a list of other sacred shrines and sites. Learn about their culture and unwind at Dreamland Beach. If you are a lover of nature and all it possesses then you are bound to love Lake Tamblingan. This lake leads to a jungle and a rain forest where you are bound to see the beautiful creatures of the wild.

Have a swim at Gitgit Waterfall while sipping wine at Plaga. For seeing monkeys, take a ride to the Ubud Monkey Forest and for a more contained experience, the Bali Zoo houses quite a number of animal species and it is very safe too. Bali has a little bit of everything as art lovers can visit the incredible Ubud art market, the Kumbasari art market or the Guwang art market and purchase beautiful pieces to take back home. You can also see ancient Balinese artifacts at the Five Art Studio, Taksu photo gallery or for more contemporary art, the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), the Nyaman Gallery and the Tony Raka Gallery have the best pieces.


Go hiking

It costs very little or nothing at all to climb a mountain. Bali has lots of those so why not give it a try. Mount Batur is just beautiful and the view of the Island from its horizon is magnificent. Mount Agung possesses the same qualities and is perfect for hiking and mountain climbing. These volcanic mountains are just beautiful, and not to worry they are not active.

Bali is one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands, with a bubbling population, lots of amazing food and sceneries and of course the favorable exchange rates applicable here, one can still have a swell time here even on a budget. Book a trip now.

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