World’s Most Underrated Beaches

Thinking of a beach takes us into a world of vacation and relaxation, fun but also sportiness and exploration. Some beaches are well known and destination for millions of tourists from all over the world, others are hidden from the eyes of the most, destinations for brave tourists who want to give an unusual holiday, maybe in some remote island in the South Pacific.

The beaches of this article are both little known but also and especially unique for the morphological characteristics or the sand of which the beach is made, which can be glass, polished stones, black or green and in many other variations that we are not absolutely used to seeing. The beauty of these natural wonders combined with the publication of photographs on the internet has made their peculiarities known all over the world; so, if you have not seen them yet, hurry up, they could disappear under the horde of beach towels and umbrellas!

Praia da Murração - Algarve, Portugal
In the extreme south-west of Portugal there is a sandy and never crowded paradise where nature remains intact. The Praia da Murração, in the municipality of Vila do Bispo in the Algarve (Faro district), is set between rocks and the Atlantic and is frequented mostly by locals, fishermen and some surfers. Here the vegetation reaches the shoreline and the green ends up blending with the blue of the ocean. Getting there is not easy, but that is also the reason why the Murração beach is a beautiful and peaceful oasis. You get there along about six kilometers of dirt road once you take the right fork from the highway 286. Do not miss the spectacle of the low tide, which makes this place even more magical.

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Słowiński National Park - Łeba, Poland
Who goes to Poland for a beach holiday? You (or at least you should)! In fact, in Poland there is one of the most spectacular beaches in Europe. A couple of hours from Gdańsk, Łeba is home to the Słowiński National Park, a large nature reserve famous for its sand dunes. These dunes are so impressive as to be, atratte, frightening: they are slowly making their way to the hinterland, moving at a speed of 3-10 meters a year. Take a long walk and immortalize this magnificent landscape. Swimming here may not be the highlight of your trip, but this beach will surely remain among the most memorable you've ever seen.


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Krapets Beach - Krapets, Bulgaria
Thanks to the hot summers and reduced prices, Varna has become a popular destination for low-cost beach holidays. While many tourists choose the Golden Sands resorts, try to spend some time on Krapets beach, frequented mainly by locals. Despite being easily accessible from Varna, Krapets beach is far enough away from the nightlife to make sure that few go so far. The sand is soft, the water is warm (at least in the summer!) And the adjacent village is enchanting: the perfect combination for a quiet beach holiday in Eastern Europe.


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Praia do Rosa, Brazil

The wild beach of Praia do Rosa is located south of Rio De Janeiro, in the state of Santa Catarina. It is a not too hidden beach, about three kilometers long and surrounded by tropical vegetation, in the small town of Rosa, very popular with surfers and renowned for its seafood dishes and relaxed and hippy atmosphere. The state capital, Florianópolis, is an hour's drive away. In Rosa you can sleep in the cozy pousadas or in the inns in the area.


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Shelly Beach, Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa
Another suggestive, little known and enchanting beach is that of Shelly Beach, in South Africa, about an hour's drive from the most famous tourist resort of Port Elizabeth. The beach is located near the town of Kenton and is enclosed in a small cove surrounded by a rocky amphitheater that forms a natural pool and makes Selley Beach a quiet and collected place, ideal for swimming. Even here you can admire vegetation and wild animals. The town of Kenton stretches between the Bushman and Kariega rivers along which boat trips are organized daily.

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