Back when we started Take More Adventures (TMA), we simply wanted to share the content that inspired us to get outdoors. We had a deep passion to support fellow creatives and had a love for photography. As the years have gone on we have been able to continue to grow our community and give back.
In January of 2018, we set out to start an online store. This store would allow us to share our own designs with our community and make a difference. When we started the store we made it our mission to make an impact in some way, so we decided that every order we received in the store would plant 10 trees. So far we have been able to plant over 4,500 trees (as of October 2018). But our giving isn't stopping there, starting November 2018 we will continue to plant trees but are also donating 10% to give clean water to those in need.
We are super excited about this season of life and are excited to bring you along as we continue to seek adventure and making an impact on the world around us! #takemoreadventures


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