We Do Good

Each product we sell directly makes an impact in the world. Below you can find the impact we make based on the product sold. Each product varies and because of recent joining with Echtra Blanket Co we wanted to make a page that shared more in depth what is being done once you make the step in purchasing from us. This is ultimately to give some transparency and to show what good we have been doing. As we continue to make strives to make an impact we will be sure to share on this page what products do good!

Take More Adventures Gear:

Any TMA gear whether it be apparel, stickers, hats, etc supports The Last Well & TREES for the Future. We donate a percentage of each order to support these organizations and to make an impact.

Echtra Blanket Co. Gear:

For every Echtra Blanket sold provides clean water to those in need. Every blanket provides clean water and supports The Last Well.

Note: We do not give a set percentage to charity. It fluctuates each day depending on sales. The more sales put through, the more we’re able to give to charity! We always donate between 5% - 15% per each individual sale.